Gameflip really need to add Shopping Cart

as i buy a lot of stuff and as u know it’s big thing most apps and sites have it, i do think gameflip need to think about this and do it so if i do wanna buy few items u can do it at once as my credit card tax me for every use plus it’s future everyone will be very happy with. to add Shopping Cart to add what u want and buy at once.

  • what do u guys think

It is very good idea.

There is shopping cart on gameflip (?)

no there isn’t as u can only buy one item at a time

what i have never seen this before as there is no were to click for shopping cart where do u add stuff to it and where u find it as the carts icon don’t exist

It’s only for Bot delivery items

will we want it for normal items as will as it’s help u buy what u want faster and for me im gotten tax charge for ever use for the card no matter the amounts so so if i wanna buy 10 gift cards i can do them in one click and after we do buy the items back send like they normally do one post att time in sold or purchases sections

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