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Sorry if this has been covered already, but there should be an option for a cart. I would have liked to be able to use my first purchase discount on the multiple items I wanted to get. Instead, it was only available for one item and now because of the low dollar amount of the second sale, I’m forced to have to add funds to my account which charges a friggin fee to do… Seriously? The more I read the forums and come across issues that I have the less likely I am to ever use this service again. Able to make one purchase so far, problems encountered: Unable to message mod directly, can’t leave feedback, required to add funds for small sale amount even though you’re charging a processing fee too, required to pay a fee for adding those funds. Spent the last hour and a half trying to figure out why I can’t buy a friggin 8.00 game or do any of the previously mentioned things. Wow seriously I don’t think to pay a bit more elsewhere for products is looking all that bad anymore with the shopping experience being far more superior vs doing business here. In fact ebay has the same game i want for the same price as here with a much better experience all together, so please tell me, why should i do business here again?

Hello 2slye!
Your feedback is valuable to us, since we are always trying to improve the user experience.
The welcome code is applied to your first purchase only, of a single item, since the max amount of discount from it is $5.
I’ll make sure to pass the cart suggestion to the team.
About the fees, we are working to lower them.

Only bot delivery(automatic delivery) items can be added to cart. In-Game Items Only*

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