Gameflip subscription

Hello Gameflip,

I would like to ask about gameflip selling note written below:

NOTE: Final fees & proceeds are calculated when the listing is sold and whether your subscription is still valid and applicable at that time.

I want purchased platinum subsciption but i dont understand about the commision charge. How much gameflip commision percent will be charged if i selling dota 2 items ?

From the Subscriptions page:

Sell your skins using the Gameflip Bot as delivery method to get 4.5% commission with the Platinum subscription. Includes all games that support the Gameflip Bot such as CS:GO, PUBG, Dota 2 and more!

Dota 2 items are transferred using Steam bots, so for Platinum: Commission 4.5% + Digital Fee 0% = 4.5%