Getting the ball rolling-Favorite YouTuber

Well, since this page is very very veeeeery quit, I’ll make the first post!

Who’s your favorite YouTuber and why? You can have more then one, but try to order them in a 1-5 kind of method ya know?

Thanks for making it less quiet here lmaoo

I’m watching a lot of Splatoon guys right now like Swimmingbird941 and ThatSrb2dude. I also like GamingVlogNetwork because its a small but very active and passionate Gaming news and information channel.

As for big YTers, I like Markiplier and ihascupquake, they’re so funny and seem really nice. In general I lean towards YTers who I can imagine would be really nice in person.

And then there’s PBS Game/Show which is an AWESOME channel for game analysis in reference to culture :smile: its a little different but I like it a lot haha. Hbu?

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That’d be Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter, on the Epic Rap Battles of History channel.

Probably not the one I watch the most, but the one holding some of the best masterpieces on YT.


Well the channels that I watch regularly is Markiplier for sure, his personality and his great entertaining skills are what draw me to the channel.

I also like to watch Jacksepticyeye, Game Theory(/Movie Theory) because of their great analysis on games and movies. And MatPat is funny also lol

And I’m also just pretty much surf for a lot of other like MangaMinx, JonTron, Game Grumps, DSP (yes, he’s a dick but he was the first gaming channel that I watched so theirs that), Danger Dolyn for top 10/15/so on on anything, and really just kinda surfing for clips of cartoons now to watch XD

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YEAH!! MARKIPLIER! I want to meet him irl he seems so nice haha

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If I’m right, he will be at PAX this year, but I missed out on getting tickets because of the people who did the ticket sales ended up posting the sales several weeks early for some reason. I wasn’t even thinking of checking when they decided to put them up! T-T

Oh and JOkEr, what’s your favorite episode of Epic Rap Battles?

Oh man that sucks! That’s too bad because I’m actually going to PAX LOL. I wonder if I will meet Markiplier. I watched only a few vids from him, but his video on Five Nights at Freddy’s was really funny. My baby sister (7 years old) is super into YT gamers, mainly for minecraft, so I tend to watch them with her. I really like iHasCupquake, since she has other channels with DIYs.

Other than that, I like watching JustKiddingNews and a lot of makeup/cosplay gurus.

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