Give me my flipping money!

Why are you holding my flipping money? I sold an Amazon gift card code which was available instantly to the buyer but I have to wait 2 Days to get my money?! Flip that crap.! I want my money now or I want my gift card back immediately. Also what kind of company has no phone number to contact in case of a problem?! I’ll tell you a shady scamming B’s company

In fact, we have to wait 3 days… I also wonder why…

I’ll tell you why… Because they have it and they can and there’s nothing you can do about it. Why do you think they don’t have a customer service number?? That’s a red flag…

I’m not kidding my funds better be released to me immediately Rose it’s going to be my new purpose in life to Lobby against anybody using this company on every chat room forum anywhere I possibly can spread the word to everyone to never use gameflip

Your funds are less likely to be held if your account made sales/purchases before, or have been ID verified. The anti-fraud system holds the funds in case the new/untrusted user makes a bad sale, or revoke a buyer’s code somehow.

If you want a moderator to check up on your account then leave your invite code.

It’s a standard practice actually. If you’re selling in some other marketplaces, depending on what you sell, your sale proceeds are kept at least 3 days, sometimes longer. On top of that, credit card processors also keep your a portion of funds for 3 months in case of chargebacks.

So, 3 days is really not bad. It’s only bad for those who sell stolen codes and need to get away fast. :slight_smile:

There is no credit card involved so no risk of a chargeback . And not a bad sale cuz like I said the buyer already done gone and spent his end of the deal.

Buyer got his. Gameflip got theirs. I’m the only one waiting and I’m the one who brought something to the table and made this transaction possible for everyone

And you’re obviously wrong because it’s bad for me and I am neither of those things you mention

I can agree that it’s a red flag for any company to not have a phone number for customer support, the ticket system is a joke, it says it’ll take 2-4 days for a response from them, when in fact it’s not true and it takes longer than that, as that’s the number one thing you see people complaining on the forum about the customer service.
And for the hold on funds, it’s a normal thing to happen with selling platforms, such as eBay, they give a 3 week hold when you sell on a new account, but after that it gets shorten until you get the money instantly when you sell a product.

Yes but on eBay you’re not selling a code and electronic delivery which is instantaneous this is Cash pretty much there’s no reason to hold my funds when the other person has their end of the bargain and this site has their fees

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I don’t have the app, and I havnt for months! I just the ked and it doesn’t day anything I tried to see if I could give you your money back and it checked my wallet, it has nothing so sorry but i cant do anything.

Please do update when you get your money or if you already got it, I am interested in knowing about it.

As far as the concern goes for holding the money, that is indeed necessary at time so that people with stolen cards don’t run away with the money.

A quick search show up this help article:

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Yo Flip this flipping B’s scam. After waiting 3 days for my funds to become available now it tells me that I have to wait three more days to process my payout to PayPal this is bull words can’t describe how much I hate this website


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