GLITCH, I bought same item 2 times. HELP!

So the thing is. I was going to buy a bowie knife vanilla (77 dollars). So i found one. And pressed “buy”. I have my credit card saved. So i only need to press buy.

When i tried to buy it i got a error message saying something like, “Something wrong with your credit card”. This i didnt understand. Because i had 140 dollars on my bank account.

So then i try to buy it again. This time it works. I retrive the item. And everything is okey. Until…

I check my bank account 10 minutes later. Gameflip has taken 77 dollars 2 times. But i only bought 1 knife. I guess just a bugg happened. But still really “anoying/scary”.

Please help me support :smile:

Submit a support ticket with screenshots/proof of the transactions

I have done that :smile: Hope support will contact me soon.

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@Woodpile_NoR We see your first purchase was declined. It may take a little while for your statement to update and show that the first $77 charge was cancelled. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the scare!

@Woodpile_NoR If you haven’t already seen this adjusted with your bank, then it will soon. Ultimately what most likely happened was an issue on your banks end where they flagged the first purchase as suspicious or something along those lines, but let the second attempt through.

One of these if not both are probably in processing which doesn’t actually mean that the money has been charged and taken out. The “duplicate” processing charge should just drop off. I’d contact your bank just in case to see if it’s still there for a few days.