Google play card (we need more info)

Hello Flippers, Admin

I need your help and guidance please

I listed almost 30 pcs of $50 google play cards, those cards are bought altogether with receipt ofcourse and cards itself, after listed all of my google play cards someone bought it only by ONE person here in gameflip

He claimed that some of my GPC (google play cards) were failed to use stating “we need more info to redeem this card” send us details, almost 4 pcs of $50 i guess, and some were success

Please see this :

My questions are:

  1. My buyer asking for a refund to 4 pcs that he failed to redeemed, is it okay to fight back him in dispute since he bought my cards altogether at once and loading it on his google account frequently that might be google flagging his account as red flag that’s why my fresh code get’s locked?
  2. I understand his part that he cannot use my card and he wants a refund, but how about me? i bought that to a trusted suppliers and it’s getting hassle on my part to email google which some weeks to reply, is it fine to make him liable by that?
  3. For him, he cannot use my code yes, for me code get locked because of him, he ruined it by forcefully using all the codes he bought from me to his google account all at once, i have chance to win on dispute?

Thankyou for understanding

@MajorTom @DarkKnight @Sparkling_Juice

Hello @adamnatalie04,

I understand your concern, but this situation needs to be verified and further verified by our Dispute Team.

So please provide all the information they request through email and try gathering as much evidence as possible with Google to understand what happened to the codes. Don’t forget to add the proof you found (if any) to the dispute email and if Google requests for some some time to answer, inform the Dispute Team that you are waiting for a response and share the message with them.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

I thought I was buying a $400 gpc what I got was 4 codes of $100. Only 3 codes worked in the end why am I responsible for connecting with Google to fix this problem? Why wasn’t the seller required to provide a new code or refund. Now Google has blocked my account and I cannot make any online purchases of any kind. There must be some. legal implication here. It seems that Gameflip did not support me with my purchase just the seller.