Google Play redemption "more details", what gives?

Google Play appears to be blocking my ability to enter ANY code from any source, requesting “more details” to do so. Is this a new thing or did I just suddenly trigger it from buying a certain amount of Google Play codes?


Hi. This is Google’s new security check. Be prepared to wait despite submitting forms. I’ve submitted pictures of the gift card I’ve obtained from sellers as well as the alternative method, mainly describing I have purchased the code via this marketplace. Because the Google process takes so long, I’ve unfortunately had to escalate and dispute purchases to extend the timer, and gameflip support seemingly cancels the transactions, although I wish they could be held open.

The codes are good, even those that I’ve purchased elsewhere, but the way Google has handled this “security check” is appalling. Furthermore, Google’s process has really made it impossible for me to complete a transaction for a Google play code for the last 3 months. Of course, I could complete the transaction, but then I run the risk of the code being redeemed by not me while I wait indefinitely, or worse, not being able to redeem at all, and then I’m out the cost.

So frustrating…

Actually, @DarkKnight, is there a possibility that Google play purchases can be held open while buyers wait for a response from this Google security check, as long as the buyer is providing regular updates, and the seller is ok with waiting during the hold/escalation?

i rarely believe they may do that but u should look for good store as even if u complete the sell the key will not be used by anyone else, as i do sell keys for a lot of people and as we have online track for the keys that we know if keys are still active or redeemed we have people who have bought keys then redeem them few weeks later.

Hello @lmdedgxx,

This is really a complicated situation, but we thank your for your ideia.

We’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion to the team and see what we can do.

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Hey @lmdedgxx,

I have checked and the following procedure should be followed:

The Buyer should contact the Seller to let them know about this issue and to follow with the “Send us details” procedure, and request all information from the seller. Then the Buyer should contact us back letting us know that they have agreed upon on a solution with the Seller.

Now the buyer should escalte the issue, so we are aware and to hold the transaction from completing. This way we are able to maintain the transaction on hold until the issue is cleared.

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Thanks @DarkKnight! Appreciate the info. Take care!

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No problem @lmdedgxx!

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