Got scammed by FortniteEXsell (LegendaryLlama)

This was my first purchase on Gameflip so I had no idea your not suppose to complete the order until they give you what you are paying for.So I completed the order and never got my code.I am wondering if this is eligible for a refund since I never got what I payed for.This seller also repeatedly changes his name.(It use to be LegendaryLlama)

You read it right over there: “Once you’ve received and inspected your item, please complete the transaction”. Sorry mate, but you have been scammed. You never complete a transaction until you redeem the code. But I think GameFlip should ban this scammer, you can’t sell that way.



I permanently banned this user from our marketplace. Can you please pm me your profile code?

:trident: New forum moderators!

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I was scammed as well, could we have a private chat about it? Or do I need to make a topic as well? A seller “sold” me something, same tactic, same problem. He gave me a code he already used and I can’t do anything about it… bye bye 45USD! Please help.

I’m not a mod or anything but I would recommend making a topic about it to get it seen faster.