Scammed into confirming before getting items-have proof

So I bought a spider knight skin. The seller told me To Confirm Transaction. He lied and said I’ll get the code in the email. I have the proof of him lying. A friend told me forums may help

you should never conform sell mate as gameflip tells u that after u do the sell is final as u need to receive your item and inspect it before u do.
u should take screen pictures of the buyer telling you to conform the sell before u got your item so they can bann him, and link to the buyer store, and your account invite code and order number so when mod see this they can help u direly and u will not have to wait more time for them to ask you for this info

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Iv got screen shots :+1:t2:

u should posy them + invite code + order number as mods will ask you for this to check the account and the order

Well, it’s kinda your fault, gameflip said to not complete the transaction before receiving the code
they have nothing to do about it

I understand what your saying-This was my first time purchasing an item like this,I was not familiar with the way to go about it…I can say this…it’ll never happen again!

as i said, before you completed it, gameflip sent a little message box saying not to complete it if the item wasn’t sent, just stating this out, also, try not to spam the forum,thank you, mods will check this out

Plus it comes off like your ok with people scamming customers like this…I hope you don’t scam people!

I’m not spamming/I just want someone to see this that can help with the issue/problem that I have…Iv emailed and still no response…so this was my next step.

no, i’m not saying this!
just saying it’s stupid that people getting scammed like this, even thought gameflip send a warning to not complete it first, and they still do it, kinda pisses me off

It’s the first time,this has happened to me! I get it! I wish it hadn’t,cuz I wouldn’t have to be having this conversation with you right now.

it’s okay, it happens, they’ll check it soon, also they can reply within 24h-48h
good luck!

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hopefully they can help with this issue, they may request the ticket number you submitted. The user regardless should get banned as they are requesting completion prior to receiving item.

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Thanks I appreciate it,hopefully I can get my money back.

don’t care for what that guy is telling u up top as the support will help you with this as a lot of scammer do this and most times the seller will got banned and u will got your money back don’t worry just provide the support with your invite code and order id and you will be fine

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Hello Ixxac,

Since you completed the transaction before you received the code, there is nothing Gameflip can do as they clearly state to not complete the transaction until you have received the item(s) and everything is working fine. Their rules will protect them and unfortunately there is nothing you can do. As for the seller, he should be suspended/banned for breaking Gameflip’s rules.

not really as i’ve seen posts about this and they mostly add the money back to there wallets even if it completed and they bann the seller

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Hi, it depends how it is dealt with. Yes, the seller is usually suspended/banned but it is not guaranteed that the money will be returned.