Hello Dear Sellers And buyers!

Hello Guys.

I just want to know why you leave for Buyers or Sellers Bad Rate? :confused: well it’s really bad feel for them and also it’s not a good thing to do and at all its useless You can give them bad rate of course, but when they scam you or something if you got your correct item Why you give him Bad rate back…? or bad comment? that’s not right at all just want all to know that i would love to help all of you and i wish you all the best as always, also sellers and buyers on here are really good and great to communicate with, so that i wanted all to know please, if you got your correct item don’t give buyers or sellers bad rate, thanks so much for reading this i appreciate it.icon_exchange_rate


I agree with you :+1:

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Yes just want all on here to be friendly to each other :blush: