Hello, GreatHeisenberg here

Hello folks, some of you might know me from popular game trading sites/forums, i’m usually other the alias of GreatHeisenberg, but i also use pbuconjic or pbstore nicks. I’m from Europe, trading in over 15 games for almost 4 years, did over 20k transactions and have over 10k feedbacks combined (100% positive on most sites).
My motto is “Safe and secure transaction is the best transaction”.
Most important thing in this business for me is leaving the positive appeal to all my customers, i’m honest person, i never ever sell hacked/cheated/botted currency/items in games, they are all coming from my long term suppliers. I’m not always the cheapest but i offer the most safe and secure trading experience and i’ll completely dedicated to this job and that have it’s own price. Looking forward to trade with you guys, i’m new here but i got few transactions already and let’s keep it better :slight_smile:

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@PBuconjic welcom do Gameflip!

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!