Help on Selling maybe?

Ok, so I’m kinda in a weird spot. I have somebody who said they were interested in a game I’m selling (Sniper elite V2) but not for the same price I’m selling it. I’m selling it for $10 and shipping but he’s asking for 7 and shipping (after saying how the price is based off of the 80% thing for Like New items). Is this a good deal or should I just wait for somebody to pay what I’m asking?

What I typically do is to base your sale price off the median between what GameStop would give you, and what it’s typically selling for pre-owned. You can find the trade value that GameStop would give for the game here:

And looking at what a used copy would go for. It looks to be around $10 - $15.

Hope that helps!

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Well @BurTheFly, that does help a lot…and only a little actually, and looking over my game I had a bit of a laugh (along with a cry). The only copy that would sell like the prices you said was Sniper Elite III Ultimate edition. I just have Sniper V2 which, at most, will get me 2.00! So now I’m even more confused, since what I was originally doing was taking the New Price then finding out what 80% of that is for the Like New price…now I’m super confused! :confounded:

To be honest, your price is reasonable and definitely fits between all the criteria’s that I mentioned and what you’ve been doing. Cause after looking on both GameStop and Amazon’s prices, Sniper Elite V2 definitely could easily sell around that price point. And even at $7 you will still be making more than what GameStop would ever give you and appease the Buyer. :smile:

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Well that’s what I’m trying to go for really: reasonable for both me and the buyer. I get it that the thing isn’t new anymore, but I would like to make a bit more of a profit then GameStop XD

Mostly my reasoning for even having it up to 10 is because of the money that I first have to pay to game flip for the transaction (no worries, not pissed at that) and then the other fee for having the money move into my bank account. So, at seven I’d lose one dollar for the app and I think another dollar for the fee. But he is willing to pay for the shipping so I should be happy for that anyway.

All right, I’ll sell it for seven, hope he’s still interested.

No worries! Yeah, unfortunately Buyers are always going to try and haggle to get the lowest price (even if your original price is very reasonable). But don’t let that convince you that you need to lower it. Obviously the lower the price the faster it’ll sell.

And for the wiring fee. Just wait till you get over $10 in sales! This way it’s only $.25. Unless you need the money right away XD

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