Help with funds I bought

Hey! I bought $10 worth of funds and it’s under review but I just went to the ATM and I have the money in there. Could you by chance look at it for me. My inv code is RL59JA thank you.

The money was taken out of my current balance. Can upload a picture of it.

It’s only “authorized”, meaning “reserved”, not taken. Every time you charge with your card, the merchant (in this case Gameflip) asks to be authorized for the amount. If the bank accepts, it will place a reserve (authorized) for that amount so that it can guarantee that there’s enough when the actual charge takes place.

Once the review completes, it will either go through (charge takes place) or canceled (authorization cancelled), and the funds reserved would be removed.

Money is never taken out until it’s charged.

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Okay awesome, I was just like what in the world lol. Thank you though man. I’ll just keep waiting for game flip to do it’s thing.