Hey can I get some customer support.

My card was sold. Money hasn’t went through and I don’t see it in pending.

Has the buyer rated you if so rate them back.

Lucy :heart:

I don’t even see the card in sold, or pending or listing. I can’t find it on my account at all besides the email I got saying it’s been sold?

Do you see it when you log in and go to that page?

Is there a balance https://gameflip.com/wallet/usd/balance there? You can also view completed sales/purchases/credits here: https://gameflip.com/wallet/transactions

give link to the selling

I don’t even see it in my account, it’s like nothing was posted but I got the email saying it was sold, and I checked and the code was taken, I don’t know why when I go into my sold it says no listings? And nothing pending in my wallet. I have screenshots of the pages if I need to send them to someone. Thanks

https://gameflip.com/item/gift-card/c050325c-375d-437e-89bb-e5cd895f58f7 found the link.