How long does a refund take to be added to my card?

Recently I bought 50 RL keys for $38.91 USD using my card but the seller never contacted me for 3 days. The option for the purchase to be cancelled and refunded appeared so i did it. I go to my Gameflip wallet and see in the activities that it shows the $38.91 USD has been refunded but when i go to check my Chase app there is no refund from Gameflip. I thought maybe check my Paypal just incase. 0 currency in Paypal. There is no money in my gameflip wallet either. Its been about 2 days since I cancelled the purchase, Im just wondering how long a refund takes.

Post your invite codes so the mods can look into it for you.

Refunds usually take several business days to show up in your bank. If you cancelled on Sunday or Saturday then it’s only been less than 1 day.

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YMLZ7D thats my code