how long is my account suspended

my invite code is 4GTWGY


can anyone help?

also i can log in when i list something it says account suspended and i can’t link my visa card i tried when i try it says account suspended

@galacticarm u seem like u help alot of people can u help me

Please be patient, the moderator check the forum daily but at a set time, usually evening US time. You should keep your posts to one thread, otherwise the moderator may think you’re multiple people in different threads and have to spend their time looking up the same issue.

okay ty for the help

Anyone help pls

@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr

can someone pls help i really wanna sell guns

Don’t spamm to much, they will read your topic, don’t worry.

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k sorry for spamming

Hello! I just answered you within another topic.

I’m closing this one then.