How long will it take to verify id ?

hello, i already send my verify identity (its like 22 hours ago),why it took so long time, please make it faster because i wanna add funds with paypal method

my code : RSMZFQ

1-2 business days. If you sent it on Sunday then it will take a bit longer.

thanks for answer, 1 question again,should i have to wait my verify completed for just buying item ? im not going to sell, i just wanted to buy in game item.
Because yesterday i bought $65 funds with paypal,and 2 hours ago i received email “Your purchase of “Add funds ($65.00)” has been canceled by Gameflip due to issues with the seller”. So what should i do now ? waiting confirmed verify or what ?

sorry for bad english

In this case the sale was cancelled due to issues with the seller, and thjere is no relation to your ID verification.

You can purchase again while you wait for the ID verification.


How long will it take if I send it on the sunday then?

Hello @Gkennedy,

The verification is not taking so long to complete, but could take 48 hours during business days. Keep in mind that we are always trying to speed up this process.

Has your ID already been verified? If not, could you please provide me your invite code?

God Speed! :trident:

Yeh sure my code is BEQJZR

Hello @Gkennedy,

I will close this topic so we can speak about the verification through a PM ok.

God Speed! :trident: