How New Users can Create a New Topic on Forums

Was just looking around for this. Thanks really appreciate it.

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But how to get the basic badge? I want to start topic looked around everywhere, I can’t find how to get the basic badge…

It would be better if we could have our gameflip account serve is a validating factor in determining new post capabilities.

Where can I get help with fraud? I just had a Walmart gift card get spent to zero yesterday, right after the 3 day timer expired. Scammers have learned they just have to wait then they’re free to rip off the buyer. I tried to attach screen shots but the forum won’t let me.

Hello @mgladden2,

In these cases, please contact the support team using the link below ok.

They will start an investigation to understand what happened and verify what can be done.

God Speed! :trident:

Thanks! Really helped

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Finally :joy: I was not finding why i can’t post…

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