How to follow the purchased item shipping

I just wanted to know how to follow a game I bought just to see when it arrives!

If you paid for shipping, I know that the seller will get a address attached to a tracking number. The tracking number is also sent to you so you can track it.

yeah following off of Raxynus, once you buy the item and the seller ships the item you will automatically receive a tracking number. you can then click it and it will redirect you and show you where its at. ( it can take up to 24 hours for tracking to update and show. but as always expect 3-6 days normally for your package to arrive.
If your seller has shipped on his/her own and paid for a tracking number then they need to type it in for you as well and push ship. Still sent to you.

If you buy an item that has the $1 shipping then you will not have tracking period. you just have to wait for it to arrive.