Too early to grow suspicious of bought item?

So I bought an elite Xbox controller about 20 hours ago. About an hour after purchase got notification that item was shipped, but hadn’t found out til this morning, because I didn’t expect any movement on Sunday. As of writing this post, the fedex tracking number doesn’t work. Anyway, at first I had thought that maybe it was possible the tracking number was one generated on a label and has just yet to be shipped. Now I may have just misread something, but what I gathered from the guidelines is that because the controller had the free shipping option, that he wasn’t to post a trackomg number until he physically ships the item. I also sent a screenshot of the fedex invalid code and a comment asking seller to clear things up in case I’m just a paranoid idiot. So please can a moderator just let me know what I’m right or wrong about and whether I’m jumping the gun. Thing is, if somethin is fishy I want to open a dispute early rather than wait. Oh yeah, also even though the tracking number is there, I don’t have the option to open dispute now anyway. Is that normal? Does the open dispute option only become visible after 24 hours. I never found anything definitive regarding that question. Sorry if these were questions that had clear answers, but I did spend quite a lot of time researching before creating this forum account, just so it’s not thought that I was just too lazy, lol.

PS… This is the screenshot from the link created on the order detail page for the controller in question on

You’re doing it right. By posting the invalid (possibly entered wrong here) tracking number, you’re already entering the evidence for any review later.

In fact, the seller actually is now in a bit of an issue because the wrong tracking number will cause the system to give you (the buyer) plenty of time to wait and decide if you got the shipment even if he accidentally entered the wrong tracking information. If the right tracking information is given to you later, and that you receive the shipment just fine, you simply accept and complete the transaction.

If not, you can dispute and easily win with the tracking evidence. In short, you have nothing to worry.