Release funds immediately after usps says been delivered

I sent items using usps, provided a tracking number, usps says it was delivered and now I have to wait until that persons convenience to receive my funds? I did my part on time and now I have to wait until on them to click a button? I want to use that money to buy things. Thank you

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If you think about it, the system works pretty well, since it’s necessary the user tests the item, and makes sure it’s working properly or as published.

If this person doesn’t rate, you have to wait about three days after the item was shipped and it would give an automatic rate (plus the money)

What about the instances when a package can’t be tracked? I have that happening right now with someone sending me an item that has no tracking number therefore can never be totally positive shipment even arrived to me. The person could lie and say they sent it and then since I don’t rate because of no item, after 3 days my funds are automatically released to them?

I think that in order for the seller to receive the money by the method you mention it won’t possible, because because there’s no tracking, the item won’t be detected as a shipped item and won’t show as shipped (I think this is the way gameflip provides the money after three days, only if the item is already marked shipped by the usps or whatever company)

And if you receive a wrong item, it’s better to send a support ticket.

I’m not 100% of how this works, it’s how I believe it is, so wait for a staff confirmation.