When is it appropirate to submit a dispute for an item showing as shipped but not shipped

Not trying to jump the gun but I purchased a game 5 days ago and the item was marked as shipped, with a tracking number the same day. Ive checked the tracking and it still hasnt been received by the post office. Is there a timer on items marked as shipped or do I need to mark it as received before the timer starts? I don’t want to end up getting screwed by waiting for this thing to ship…if it ever does.

How long ago was the item marked as shipped? I’ve seen tracking that can take 2 days to update. Have you asked the seller about this in the order page? If they are still unresponsive then you could open a dispute.

It was marked as shipped June 6th, and when I check the tracking it still shows it in Pre-Shipment status. I messaged the seller yesterday with no response yet.

Seller is supposed to actually ship it before marking as shipped (and enter tracking if physical item). So, you can technically dispute right away. Being nice, waiting for 24hr before disputing is fine too, but don’t let the clock run out.

thanks for the advice guys…i submitted a dispute to, if nothing more stop the timer. We’ll see if the seller actually ships or responds

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