Send item before or after closing dispute?


so Ive bought an item, the seller didnt deliver within 3 days like he promised, but set the status to delivered so the time ran out and I opened a dispute.

Now he’s claiming that I should close the dispute and THEN he will send the item which sounds like a load of BS to me since it says closing the dispute will finalise the transaction.

Shouldnt he be the one sending me the item and afterwards Ill close the dispute? Ive paid for it after all aswell.

If he doesnt send the item, what do I do? I havent got a response to my dispute yet (been like 24 hours).

Post your invite code and the purchase ID so mods can help u as soon they see your post.

Also, do not close the dispute, doing it will finalize the transaction as you said. He need to send you the item before, if he keeps claiming he will do it after, then keep the dispute till mods resolve the problem.
He’s trying to scam you letting the 3 days pass to get autorated and keep your money.

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