Buyer used the code and did not complete the purchase

Hi please moderator can you check the order 63be1fa2-ee81-4919-b739-d05bd003b1c8

the guy used the code and I have proof of it but he did not complete

You would need to open a dispute.

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I am the seller… I do not see any option to open dispute

it is in waiting for acceptance but the guy already used the code

@DunnBiscuit please check my Private message

I mean if the buyer has a issuse they would have to open a dispute if they don’t once the 3 days run out it will auto complete the item and the seller will get paid.

If the buyer open a dispute you will know.

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thank you… I WILL contact the support anyway… I do not know if I need to give him a bad rate… because Basically the buyer is trying to scam me

Never rate people if you’re having issues.

The only way the buyer has a changes to get there money back is
If the seller cancel the item
They open a dispute and win it

Being they already bought your code there money has been removed from there account
If they rate you you will get paid
If they dont rate you and open a dispute the only way you get paid is if you show gameflip the code work and the buyer trying to scam you.

If the buyer dont rate you nor open a dispute the item will auto complete in 3 days after they bought it and you will get paid.

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The thing is he or she is wasting my time… I do not have in mind to wait a lot aside from the time of the process of funds

I would tell the buyer open a dispute so you and them can start the disputing it with gameflip.

You going to have to wait into one of these

A. They rate you and you get paid
B. They start the dispute and you send gameflip evidence and if you win you get paid
C. The 3 days run out and item auto complete and u get paid

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Ok thanks for the help… it is a target code and I hve a screenshot of the amount of the code… Now it says it is invalid because buyer already used

I don’t see what’s the problem here? Rating is optional. Some buyers don’t rate for a couple of reasons, could be because they’re new and don’t know how to do so, they don’t have time or they forgot. Even if they simply don’t care I don’t see a reason to retaliate and rate them as negative or neutral just because you didn’t get a rate. That’s not how business works!

You’re selling for money not to gain a positive rate, right? Trust me, if you’re selling just to gather ratings then you’re going to suffer big time. Believe me I know because I’ve been there (on Ebay and multiple places).

Try to be reasonable and wait for your money. Just focus on selling and good luck!

the buyer did not complete the trade… You are saying other thing aside of the topic… I do not care about the rating just the buyer used the code and did not complete trade so I did not receive the money…

By the way the problem is solved thanks

As I just checked your sale and saw it is completed,

so I’m closing this topic.

If you need further help, please, PM me.

Thank you.