How to mark your items as shipped that both can be rating

So i sold yesterday items for rocket league and i dont know where i can Mark them as delivered

I read everywhere the seller needs to mark your purchase as shipped, so you will be able to rate him but I dont find a Option like this thanks

If you sold an item, you should see it on the “Sold” tab.

By clicking on the item you sold under the Sold tab, you will be directed to a screen where the option to mark as shipped is available.

Let us know if you need further help.

I dont see the option anywhere when I click on the sold item. I need to comment them the code since it will not allow me to automatically enter it. and I want to make sure that I have clicked on the shipped option before i do give them the code… can you please explain why I am not seeing this option

@aasmooth I’m afraid the explanation above does not apply to you as you mentioned to be selling a code.

For codes, you have to enter the code and the system will automatically mark the item as delivered. A countdown will start for the buyer to rate you.

If you’re past the handling days you specified for the listing, the buyer can cancel the purchase and rate you negatively. Be quick! :smile:


Bro, I am getting a error message when I type in the code… it says code for digital goods already exist. this happened when i tried to put the code under the automatic delivery section and when I sold the good and tried to enter it manually. I had to comment the code because I entered a bullshit code to see if your software was glitchy.

can this user take the code and run off with it now?

smh… its not allowing me to enter the code man… im getting an error message. what is another option to send the code to the buyer…

You should only use the digital vault to store the code. Do not comment it. If you comment publicly, there’s nothing we can do to stop people from using it.

If you just pasted the code onto the comment section of the order, then I’d advise you to enter the code differently on the vault for delivery. (e.g. use dots or spaces instead of dashes)

how do i cancel the order after i have sent the item… the item is sold so the comments I sent to the buyer is private. i would like to cancel the item and resell it then. how do i do that

Messaging you via PM. Let’s take this discussion privately