Selling forbidden items he needs a ban kind of like the one I got these are not allowed

They got taken down already

Update he relisted them get him

Please can you check my ticket ? 412201
I replied back but no response from you back

also this guy is selling food like pizza very cheap so maybe a scam


@usergx share profile please so people can be aware that would help…

sorry I thought I sent the profile link

also moderator can you check at my ticket 412201

thank you

Hi, please check my thread - both you @usergx and @Shannon_Parker1 are the reason I can’t pay my med bills this week. My gift cards are verified with the retailers and I call/email them to confirm before listing then on Gameflip. I don’t intend to scam and my last 10 orders have received perfect feedback

Here’s my thread : Need Withdrawal for Med Bills! Suspended for Valid Gift Cards

@Shannon_Parker1 @usergx I’m going to post info proving my gift cards are legit and verified by the retailers as well as pictures of my mom in the hospital and her bills - your actions affect real people. So quickly do you report claims instead of simply asking for a receipt or screenshot.

Some people are honest sellers looking to support their families. I can verify everything. Shame on you both.