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Hi guys,

Making this post here to get potential answers and resolutions before I decide to dispute for refund from my bank, and to also warn others from getting scammed from this seller in particular as well (link to his profile posted above).

Three days ago, I have purchased 4x $25 (total of $100USD) in gift card value for P.F. Chang’s from this seller named DigitalDeals (ONLINE). After making the purchase, the seller quickly replied back to me in less than half an hour’s time and sent me the 4 gift card codes. I’ve taken the code and verified on P.F. Chang’s website and concluded that the codes indeed are valid and the balances are correct.

However, when I made a phone call to P.F. Chang’s to confirm on the whole redeeming process, as it was my first time using a gift card there, the customer relations representative said my code were stolen and I needed to bring the actual physical (plastic) gift card to the restaurant to verify the gift card. I was shocked at first, and then I immediately sent out another email to the P.F. Chang’s customer relation and inquiries’ team for answers, and the reply I’ve gotten was very similar, I needed to bring the physical gift card in order to redeem it.

After verifying with two representatives of P.F. Chang’s, I’ve managed to contact him once again on one of his currently on sale products on Gameflip and we were able to connect via Instagram after I’ve asked for his instagram name, where I then relayed the information and issue I had with redeeming my gift card. He seemed very responsive at first, but then after giving my entire story, he quickly stopped responding and then deleted the product he had on sale. Now it seems like he is ignoring me altogether and not responding at all to my attempts at reaching out to him.

My invite code is FTT9T4.

Looking for solutions from mods and Gameflip representatives on this situation before I settle for dispute with my bank. Below is an image of the email I received from P.F. Chang’s representative after asking them how I could redeem my gift cards and also my facebook conversation with P.F. Chang.

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Basically P F chang’s team is saying a physical card should be presented and not just the numbers.
Should get in touch with the seller then. I do not think the seller scammed at first. I believe P.F chang want a physical card rather than a code. I don’t see where she said the code was stolen , but has mentioned that it was sold erroneously ( adverb 1. in a mistaken way; incorrectly.)
The seller might have gotten the physical card and sold the code. It is just the delivery of the code which has to be given as a physical card rather than a code number.

However your later context of him not responding and deleting the product he has seems to be trying to resolve it. However since the seller isn’t contacting back with you it is of some concern.

The mods might be willing to help and get to the bottom of it.

I guess my wording for the part about him deleting his product was incorrect, so you misunderstood what I was trying to say. What I meant is, since there is no way to directly message the seller on Gameflip, I had to comment on one of his existing products he was selling to get his attention. And at the time (yesterday evening around 7pm EST), it was a Pandora subscription or something like that he had up for sale. I messaged him on that sale post of his to talk about my purchase with him. At first he was friendly, but quickly stopped responding to me both on Gameflip and Instagram. And THEN he deleted that Pandora sale and deleted all of my messages on that post to get rid of the evidence.

And as for the stolen card codes/physical card required, the information was relayed to me during one of the phone calls I had with a PF Chang representative where he told me the codes I purchased is likely to be stolen and asked me to resolve with my seller (since I gave him the card number and had him check on the card balance and he suspects that the codes are not legit/stolen after checking the number in the system). This didn’t happen to myself only, Brandon from another post has had an identical situation with this seller. Link to post: PF changs fraud

Lastly, I must make clear that both the EMAIL and FACEBOOK CONVERSATION were with PF Chang’s. This digitalcodes person never attempted to contact even me once after asking him about the situation on Instagram nor showed any willingness to cooperate. In fact, now he has blocked me on Instagram in which I can take as a sign he’s illegitimately selling these stolen codes.

He even has his Instagram information on his Gameflip profile so you know it’s this account. But he has now blocked me after my short conversation of him.


This indeed is suspicious but, to get to the bottom of this, first, open a ticket to our support team here, we need a record of this in our system:

Send all information you have there. Then, you may PM me here, so I can personally check the case.

Thank you.

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Hey this guy is trying to copy my account don’t trust him. It’s not me. And why is he even allowed to sell those, this is why I was suspended. With my money still on my account and no replies.

Wait who is copying your account? and what is he selling? :confused:

This guy who they are talking about. My seller name was digitaldealstoday then I was suspended which I still have funds on my account as well as psn codes which I have purchased but unable to retrieve. But anyways he all of the sudden has the seller name of DigitalDeals weird no? Selling the same products I was. Yet not suspended. My feedback was perfect with more ratings, and I was suspended for selling Pf Chang’s, and I never had an issue with my cards yet other users with less feedback are selling with no problems. Support needs to realize who the bad sellers are and the good ones.

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If you see anyone else selling such codes, please, report them here or via ticket.

We will investigate and take down the listings and the account if necessary.

Thank you.