I cant pay with paypal or credit card

When I try to pay by paypal or with a credit card I get an error when I go to proceed, could you help me? Thank you

Can you give a screenshot of the error?

But you are a basic user

Crop out or use paint program to paint out your personal information in the screenshot.
Or just write exactly what the error message says in your post.

Is that a problem? He is willing to help…

If it is, then create a ticket here

Forum users can’t help if don’t show/explain the issue you’re facing. If it requires showing sensitive information, then as Wayz_Shop said, create a support ticket directly instead of using the forum. The forum is not for official support.

I wish all users were as basic as @galacticarm :rofl:
Please open a ticket and make sure to send screenshots on it so we can understand what is going on.

People need a person associated with the organization to feel assured. Too bad it adds time to other users / topics that really require intervention of @Tali

However it would be thoughtless to outright dismiss any constructive statement while narrowing helpful options.