I did not recieve my item

I just tried to buy a rocklet item and i never recieved my item i don’t remember confirming any transaction but i did get a email saying he delivered my item and thanks for my purchase but i still havent got it and its a lot of money i would like back

Open a dispute against that seller.

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I did and i put it on hold and stuff , the seller just stop responding to me i sent the screenshots of the whole convo and stuff

I didnt want the transaction to be complete so I escalated the problem because he was not responding to me

That’s fine, you can leave transaction id and one of the moderators @Tali or @DunnBiscuit will look at it and probably cancel it

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Are u talking about te order id and do i leave it in these coments

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And thanks for all ur help fr

Yeah, order id and yes in next reply

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Item: Zomba | Titanium White (ID: 9914b60e-49eb-43a8-8356-9bc054139481)

THanks for all the help after almost 2days now the seller i just bought from finally returned my money


how much did you pay for the item and who was the seller? Im not a moderator but Im just wondering as I see troll TW Zomba posts all the time from people with 0-10 feedback scores.


As I checked, this transaction is already canceled, thanks!

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