I sold item and got scammed

Why is it shows that I can sale an item digitally then the buyer gets the code, then opens a dispute so I don’t get paid?! It’s been on hold for a week where is gameflip I reported this guy right when he bought my item. And you all did nothing. Where is my help

Happened to me to tried to sell my white zombas for 170 then he scammed me cause it said that he paid

Same here then he put the item on hold yet gameflip hasn’t don’t their part what so ever

Do you mind sending me your invite code via PM so I can check it for you?


can you have me for dispute to scammer ? 9673169c-c994-4500-9238-617d86fbd54d and d9e1ec5f-3926-4d02-aa93-1064884c2f0d i have 2 item scamming