I need refund he verified the order even tho he didnt deliver anything

Hello gameflip i have bought a titanium white zomba for $50 and he tried to scam me he verified the order even he didnt deliver anything please help me as soon as possible he is not responding to my messages and the purchase is on hold for 3 days i have bought another item with the same problem he is not responding me as well
By the way my request number : 118147

Hey @Furkan_Erol,

Sorry for the late reply, I checked your requests, and answered them for you.


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Thanks for your help

same problem. but ive waited 8 days.

Hey @evancawley, do you have the ticket number so I can check it for you?

Can u check mine as well? # 119119 I have waited for 6 days…

117473 is the ticket number i believe