I don’t understand HELP

So I get this message

To verify ownership, please send us the following:

  1. Photo of the receipt or proof of purchase of the cards.

  2. State issued photo ID that also displays your shipping address.

… After doing exactly this, exactly what was asked for and waiting multiple days even after I did this they still send me this response again,

So after speaking with dunnbiscuit this was his response …

Thank you for contacting us.

WEe need an actual photo of you holding the receipt next to your ID.

The information you sent isn’t enough.

… unreal now I have to wait another week for a response I can’t fake something for you and I refuse to print it out I told you you the truth about me reselling third party gift cards wether it caused a problem or not I am willing to refund the buyers who claimed something to be wrong with them I have a lot of great feedback with no issues and I will obey all rules to the T

You need to send the information asked and it won’t take another week to be answered.

As said many times before, you may PM me any time you need instead of creating posts and posts about the same subject.

Therefore I’m silencing you here for 3 months.

Thank you.