Had enough of this cat and mouse

I opened up a ticket about because my account was suspended I was asked to provide id and proof of purchase which I did twice, and finally after a couple days I get a response “ please provide proof of where you purchased the gift card” which I already did, I can see that this is just a cat and mouse game I even offered to full refund and reimburse any buy and fee to get my account back and take a loss but at this point it seems like gameflip doesn’t care and I’m sure even after this message I’ll be asked again something ridiculous, I sold 60+ items on here 19 of those items still have yet to be redeemed form my buyers

I guess if you “lyskasgiftshop” selling big numbers and 100’s making so much money for gameflip that he’ll get the special treatment even tho he truly scams his gift cards with stolen credit cards but hey it’s bringing in the big money

First off don’t say someone a scammer when they’re not.
If they was a scammer they woukd be Perminent banned

Its not a cat and mouse. All issues can take time to fix. @DunnBiscuit said they’re working with you to fix the issue.

Please be careful with names if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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His issue gets resolved instantly with just making a “promise” after one of his amazon card we’re deemed fraudlent I’m over here answering questions and providing proof 3 times in a row , I’ve became so fed up to the point that I will fully refund back who ever complained and even reimburse gameflip any fees and I’m still being asked the same question I answered three times already. It’s not about being careful atleast if I’m accused of something the accuser should be banned during the meantime as well. I just don’t understand and I can guarantee you the next response will be a question and I’ll have to wait another 3 days for a response. I offered a complete way to resolve this because I am honest and I might just might be at fault for this for purchasing a gift card from a 3rd party to resell but I learned like I explained many times and will reimburse the seller and gameflip for any trouble or any fees it might have cost them nobody else on here would ever offer or do this

lyskasgiftshop issues was not fix instantly.
lyskasgiftshop has VIP Support (this something good to have because it will answer emails on weekends too) too by having a subscription to Gameflip. Having VIP Support in anything will always get your question / email /whatever answer faster. lyskasgiftshop still got banned for sometime but you don’t know how many email they may of send to Gameflip. Remember lyskasgiftshop issues was not complicated like your. The moderators said your issues was complicated that means it will take more time more everything more email send / receive to resolve the issue.

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Ok and I payed for the top membership for gameflip as well I have no vip support just a repeat of the same questions that I have answered

If you’re paying for a subscription you have VIP Support.
Did you wait the 48 hours, DM @DunnBiscuit the ticket number if they didn’t reply to your email?

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Is the VIP support a real thing? Because I pay for 2 subscriptions and get terrible support lol.


:black_small_square:︎When you create a support ticket it will be marked as “VIP”. When the support team review the tickets, they go over the “VIP” queue first.

:black_small_square:︎For the VIP support, there’s no special feature within the site or app. If you are a member of the CLUB, your support tickets will get higher priority.

:black_small_square:︎When you send an email to Gameflip Support as a Gameflip CLUB member (Pro, Ultra or Bot), you can expect to be answered within a 24 hours timeframe, even during weekends.

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Haha, yeah, I’m in Pro and Bot and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a response within 24 hours.

I can see that being true but I can still see VIP get reply faster then non VIP people but it still come down to how fast the issue can be fix on top of how many emails they got at the moment.

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So much for this vip support still no response and I guarantee you I’ll most likely get the same generate response “ please provide proof” which I did 3 times. I’m done providing proof I will read the rules follow it to the T and refund any dollar needed to be refunded to get back on gameflip

Does anyone know anything about dunnbiscuit ? When he will be check messages

So much for the vip support

I’m here now and I’l chek any PM if you sent me one.

We are woring to always improve our response time, we have new suppot members now and with that, we will work even more to diminish the response time, not only to the VIP ones, but to all our users.

We will continue any conversation via PM/Ticket. There is no need to keep posting about the same subject here.

Thank you.