I dont know how i ask ā€¦

pls i realy want understand all and be ready to Invest Time and Money. i hade in the Last 10 years No phone or Computer. For evey help thx and i will Show my gratitude

Hello @Kamo47,

To learn more about Gameflip, please take a look at our Help Center.

There you will be able to find various topics to understand more about Gameflip and learn how to become a seller.

Please use the link below to open the Help Center page ok.


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I was vicim of a trap Spam email im sry

Not a problem @Kamo47.

If you need any assistance, please inform us here or open a ticket through the following link:


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dms @DarkKnight

Hello @larryVe,

Iā€™m verifying your case now ok.

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