I dont see bar menu after update on android

Hi guys i dont see bar after this last update on my phone, i dont know how to search items now , look on pic is anyone has same problem?

I see that the “In-Game Items”/“Gift Cards”/“Games”/ etc… carousel is missing in the screenshot. What Android OS version are you using (Android Settings > About Phone), and what Gameflip version are you using (Gameflip ☰ > Settings > Version)?

Before that update, did you see the white search bar on the app’s main screen?

My android version is 6.0.1 and gameflip version 1.31, yea i see search before, after last update bar menu just disappear, and there is not another way to find submenus

Please try uninstalling and reinstall the app. Also please check the app version again after and see if it’s the same version (1.31).

I done that but same issue :confused:

Can you send us screenshots of your app version? Also, can you tell us if you are logged in or not?

Im rn logged but it is same,


I fix for this is on the way. Soon we will have a new version of the app, so you will have to update it to see the fix.


Nice , just dont make a lot of changes, i am used to your app,just need that bar :wink:

I hope you can add multiple listing feature to the app.

Come on guys,finish that update i cant use my pc when i go out

We are working on it. And it might come out this week. Sorry for the delay, but we are also investigating other issues so we can fix in this new version as well.

Just to tell you guys that you fixed it,well done!!

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