I got scammed Please help

I trusted this guy and i got scammed for $15 dollars and rated him first because he said thats what has to be done. I understand there is probably no way to get my money back. But I need to find out is there any possible way i can get my money back because my parents wont give me any

That user was selling accounts so they’re probably banned by now. If a moderator is to help you they’ll need your invite code.

4DDGH8 is my code, is there any way i can get my 15 dollars back


As I checked, your ticket was answered already. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you further help.

I’m sorry.

Hi there, I’m new to Gameflip and didn’t know that account selling wasn’t supposed to be allowed and I had bought a warframe ps4 account. The buyer told me it had many of the stuff which it did not and when I asked him he said he could refund or I complete and get 50% back. Me being dumb completes the transaction and I got the account for a few days until I logged in this morning and the account password had been changed, is there anything I can do to get my money back or the account ? There was a order # with it : 775dff1b-47ba-43bb-95d2-639521dbd85e please can someone help?

Hello, unfortunately, since the transaction is completed, no refunds can be issued.

Also, don’t revive old posts. PM me directly or create a new topic.

Thank you.