I've been scammed!

I purchased a steam account on Gameflip for $12 dollars and I received the account but the seller has obviously contacted steam support saying his account was stolen yadayadayada. Now I have no access into the account even though I changed the password, email and the mobile authentication!

Can someone help?

Hey, unfortunately, account selling is forbidden within Gameflip.

Please report a listing like that next time instead of purchasing it.

If you already rated the seller we won’t be able to help you further, but please send me the listing so I can investigate the seller further.


I rated the guy because I was in the account I had full acccess at the time… that just is not fair if I’m not going to be refunded I’ve spent my money I have earned and now that money has been stolen through you’re service.

And I don’t have anything to show for the money I’ve spent… but a story of being scammed on gameflip!

Is there not any way you can help me out?

It doesn’t make sense for me not to receive a refund, if I’ve purchased something and that said something was taken away from me from the seller I’m going to expect a refund wouldn’t you?

And here’s the order number 19e1c0d9-14e0-4e2a-a6b6-e8d94c2f37a7