My account Fortnite Dubz got suspended

I got my account suspended for asking people to rate first. This was wrong of me. I should have not scamed people for this to. I did buy a 50$ PSN code. Due to my account bring suspended I can now not receive/claim my code. I have learned my lesson on scaming people. I don’t want to be a bad person and take people’s money. I kindly ask you to forigive me of my wrong doing. Gameflip should be a place to sell safely, not to have scammers. I would like to have my account unsuspended. I really apologize for all the harm I have caused to everyone in community. I just want to be able to sell, and buy Fornite Save the world items again like I did. I am very sorry once again and I hope you will read this and help me out. Thank you for your time. I promise to never scam and never harm/ hurt anyone again. Account Invite Code: V9A728

If someone scammed you out of your money, and they apologized for it, would you forgive them?

Depends on how much money I got scammed for if 10-20$ I’ll say I forgive you, because I do have a job that pays 13$ a hour.

Hi there! Not sure if you remember me, but I’m one of the people you took money from after purchasing a PSN gift card from you. You said you would give me the rest of the code after I rated you. Well, I rated you, tried to message you to tell you I rated you, and discovered you had blocked me from contacting you. In fact, I’m the one who reported you when I didn’t get my code after 24 hours. I also have screen shots of our communication together before you blocked me along with other screen shots of you changing the name of your store multiple times.

So unless I somehow get the rest of that code (and it’s a working code) and as someone who lost money to you, I’m afraid I can’t forgive you. Even if it’s $5 dollars, you shouldn’t have scammed people.


Well said!

On gameflip ill be happy to give you your money back! Whats your gameflip name?

Hello, unfortunately I can’t provide you support due to the reason you were suspended. Please bear in mind that alternate accounts will be suspended as well.

Thank you.

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