I have a Refund in theory (4A31GF).

I have a Refund in theory (4A31GF). Its been 3 days ago but still nothing. I had similar refund which completes with one buissness day. Support line practically unreachable. Mod or people with has privilige can help me?


Its so hard to give me some answer?
You guys will end soon if keeps this attitude… Trustpilot has power…

refund can take to up 7 days

Yes it can take but it never been this long so far. Its could be good if a support member would have replied to my messages. Of course to evaluate and refuse my accepting form was way easier…

Hello, refund can take up to 10 business days to complete. If after that time you don’t receive your refunds, please contact me via PM, thank you.

Ok, i will inform you if its arrived!

Till now, nothing, but tomorrow it will has been on paid for a week… Like i said i already had similar refund which completes with one buisness day! Its so annoying because you are playing others money.

How long the refund takes depends on the bank. Once the refund is issued by Gameflip, it’s entirely dependent on the bank (for card) or PayPal to process it.

I’ve asked for refunds from sites like Expedia, and they told me after issuing the refund that it normally takes 14 days for banks to process the refund, but could be sooner depending on the bank.

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