i hope the big update in April refresh this site bcs it's pretty much dead

btw do u have any plans to improve the flp coin? i have 2550flp and i don’t wanna use them with the current ratio (1$=66.7flp)

Can you please specify why you think the site is dead?

FLP plans are toward our publishing. You can read more on our Medium page here. Whenever we have any news we will post here on our Medium page:

Thank you.

the sale/buy activity is low and promotions, discounts codes quantities are very limited

Can you tell us more about such activitiy?
Regarding promotions, we have them weekly, they are pretty good afaik. So what do you have in mind here?

Excuse me for my paratrooper comment ,but i would like to say (as my contribution or suggestion, worthless or not) that, when discount promotion (15% ,20%) is active, 5 dollar limit look pretty pathetic in the eyes of new potential buyers. It would be much better if you raise that limit to 10$ and lower the quantity, since i understand you must pay the difference. Ofc, IMHO.

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@DunnBiscuit yes that’s what i meant, coupons have very limited quantity and discount limited is useless especially on +50$ purchases and also promos aren’t fruequent like before and now i noticed that the activity section in csgo section became very low