The activity here on the forum became quite low recently and also on gameflip twitter


They used to give us new updates and promotions from time to time especially on twitter but I’m noticing slow progression lately. sometimes they share some discount codes but not often like before, the flp coin value gets worse everyday. Is gameflip preparing for something huge? I hope. I heared that you are working on a game is this the reason of the lack of new content?


I really need a discount code now but … xd


Not just discount code. Buyer, seller promotions and updates to the gameflip site or app and giveaways, etc even the buying, selling activity haven’t became like before



We are indeed working on a big game, so we had to change our routine:

See our January progress report here:



Wishing yall good luck


Thank you so much.

I’m always around, so if you had questions or any issues, just let me know.