I m not able to publish my listing Error coming i

Hi all
I m not able to publish my listing of ITunes 100$ gift card Error coming stating my account is not eligible for listing please anyone can help me

Since last week, you have to meet any of these new requirements to sell gift cards.

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I sent my application with my passport which is having validity and my photo still my application got rejected and I want to raise a ticket in support but it’s not allowing to send the mail I m so helpless :unamused: plz help me how to verify my identity


Can you send me your invite code via PM so I can check it and provide you further help?

Hi my invite code H42ATR please help


My invite code is H42ATR please help



Hello, hello!

I checked your account and saw that the ID you sent isn’t acceptable. Please provide us a Driver’s License or a National ID.



I clearly stated in my email that I don’t drive and so I don’t have a Driving license. I sent National id only that is my passport stating I m Indian and it is a valid National Id u can check it has validity on it. If u still need clarification let me know