I made a noob mistake

Hey there… a week ago I made a noob mistake, I bought an antivirus assuming I was going to get a key/code the guy sent a file to activate the software, I was going to immediately put on hold the transaction but the seller contacted me to give it a try so I did. Worked great, it wasn’t expensive so I completed transaction.

However, now I faced that the seller re-sell the same item to another buyer since my activation is gone. I contacted the seller just to ask him if he is re-selling the files but he is just ignoring me. I am aware that my money is gone but I want to report this guy so he doesn’t scam other buyers. Is this ok to do? Or do I have just to let go and move on? Thanks!

Hello @Mago6246,

I imagine that you can report them, label the option as ‘other’ then give a reason. They will look into it and decide the necessary punishments (if any).

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

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Thanks I will report him and luckily someone else doesn’t fall for this. Appreciate your time!

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