Seller sold non working key

Hello everyone. I bought the activation key of the game PUBG for my older brother. I waited for him while He coming back from travel. My brother came back and I decided to activate the key. But the error got out…

If you translate from Russian (my brother is from Latvia and he use russian Steam client):

Invalid digital product key
You have entered an invalid digital product key.
Check if you have been sealed. Easy to confuse characters…

As a result, I opened a dispute and ask for help in resolving this issue. Please note that the error was not about used activation key, but about incorrect activation key.

My code is SJ3BHG
Order ID 1811d843-5e43-4814-9699-fad275ada595
I am also a seller. And bought an activation key from another top rated seller. I understand perfectly well that everyone can make mistakes and therefore I will not give out the name of the seller.
Please help to solve this problem. Thanks

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Hi there!
The status of your purchase is “seller must respond”, this means if the seller doesn’t answer in 5 days you’ll get automatically refunded.
You can also escalate this to support directly on your purchase page, then we’ll get a ticket to answer to you.

Thanks a lot, Tali. I will wait for reply from seller. Of course 5 days, but it is very long for me. Anyway I hope that seller will give me reply and he will fix this mistake.

If You mean “disput support”, I wrote yesterday and didn’t receive any answer. So I still waiting.

They are replying fast on weekdays.No worries.

Just make sure to escalate to support if you think is necessary.

In continuation of the topic, seller contact with me a few hours ago (after 4 days when I opened a dispute). He give me another activation key. But I bought a new key from another seller a foew days ago… I don’t need a key now…What should I do in this situation? Can I get a refund?

Does the new key work?

If so, you can get a refund only if the seller agress.


DunnBiscuit, I respect You very much and ask You to understand me. How can I check the key if I do not need it? I wrote above that I bought the key and I do not need it anymore. What should I do in this situation? I remind you that the key was wrong, I opened the disput. I waited for the seller for 4 days and there was no answer. I bought the key to my brother from another seller. And in the last few hours of dispute - the seller answers me. He has new key for me…

The problem was solved

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