PUBG Skin Code or Key: PENDING

Hello. I bought a PUBG Skin today morning (14 hours) ago. I have submitted and gotten approved all the verifications for ID, phone and payment and stuff. It still says pending on my order, and I have not gotten the code/key yet. Does anybody know how to get the code or why it says pending? I have already payed for it and money from my bankaccount has already been dispatched. I find no way to contact the seller to because on his profile/page he says in his info/bio that you can contact him, but I find no buttons that say message or contact. And I wanna ask him how long does it take to get my code for the item I bought, and how I get it. Do I have to wait for it to physically come to my adress all the way from USA or something? (I live in Norway btw). It will take weeks, and I would like the code a lot sooner, like right away. Anybody know anything about this? The order says pending, do I have to just wait for them to contact me by e-mail or wait for the seller to send me the skin key/code by e-mail or a message on gameflip? How does it work?
Regards Joakim

Hello @Joakim_Johannesen,

Could you please provide me the order ID, so I could take a further look for you?

This way I can provide you more information on what is happening to your purchase.

God Speed! :trident:


Yes, thank you for quick reply. I appreciate it very much if you can take a look at it, and help me out with it. I really want the key/code for the skin and get the skin as soon as possible. Im sure you can understand that its the first time for me to
buy on gameflip and that Im very causious about it, and the way its been done on gameflip. Its a little different than buying something from ebay or Amazon, thats for sure.

My order ID is: 08cc5ce3-56d4-4b0a-9ab5-f29697c4a550

I hope that you can help me out about the process being done With it, and where the digital key/code is, and when can I receive it. And can I receive it by e-mail instead of waiting for it to come to my adress in my mail Box outside my door. That would
be the quickest and best way for me ofcourse.

Thank you again.

Regards Joakim

Hi, to answer ur qn about the code/key. If it is key/code, once it is not in pending state, it will show up in the order if it is automatic delivery. If delivery time shows 1 day instead of automatic delivery, the seller will send the code to you through the order messaging.

Pending state means you paid but the seller has NOT receive the confirmation of purchase. Once pending becomes purchased, the seller , depending on what I wrote on top, either auto delivery code (95% of the time) or gives u the code within a day. It does not send via email etc.
Once it is in purchased state, there will be a chat box where buyer and seller can chat if needed. Code will be shown there if auto delivery too. Mostly codes keys are auto delivery though.

Thank you for youre reply! That helped me a lot actually since Im new to the site and the system. I have received an email from Gameflip where they need the 4 letter code that appears in my bank account purchase history, for an example «GAMEFLP*00-XXXX».
So they needed that in order to release the purchase or something they said. So i went to my bank account purchase history and found it and replied it to them in the same email I got from them where they asked for it. I had 24 hours to reply to them with it
so I hope they see my reply quick enough and I hope thats the end of the pending status. It seemed like it too! So because of what you said, after they see that and release the purchase then maybe the order will not be in pending state anymore, and that the
seller can see it and then he can send it to me via auto delivery or order message as you said. Probably the last option because it did say that the delivery time was 1 day for sending. So it may be the order messaging. And the seller also is a high rated
seller with a lot of positive ratings. So it will then probably all turn out well. If that you said is true, and I believe it is and hope so. And that Gameflip is releasing it from pending and seller gives the digital key/code. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards Joakim

Yes. The 4 letter code is to prove that it is you who made the purchase and to confirm the purchase is correct. Not sure if you need to do it everytime though. Joined 2018 so cannot remember clearly. Yep, once they clarify that , high chance pending will change to purchased. There will be a chatbox once u check the order under (purchases) as I wrote above once it turns into purchased. Only you and the seller will be able see and chat there. Since it wrote 1 day delivery and the seller has high ratings, then should be fine.

Goodluck and welcome to gameflip. The support is really good too. :slight_smile:

Oh, okay! Thank you. Yeah the support is great so far, just ask for help and you Get it. It will probably all turn out well pretty soon. Thank you for your reply. It really helped me knowing a little bit more. :+1:t3:

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Hello again.
Im coming back to you to ask one more question. Now it has gone over 24 hours, around 30 hours actually since my order went from pending to waiting for delivery. And it sats on the order that seller
ships in 1 day. Why haven’t gotten it yet then? Can you check with the order or help me with what Im gonna do now then? I have also typed messages to the seller and he does not reply to me. Its over 30 hours since it became waiting for delivery and it says
ships in 1 day. I want the code now. It says on the info on the order that if the seller has not sent the item within 1 day, then you can cancel the order. And he hasn’t even replied to my messages. And I dont really want to cancel the order because I really
want that skin. And now you guys have pushed the order to release. What is happening right now? I still want the skin and have not heard anything from the seller?? I dont want to cancel the order unless I absolutely HAVE to. But i want this to be over now
and get my skin ive payed for.

Regards Joakim

Checking order etc only mods can do it. I’m just an experienced seller I would say.

For such a case, if seller does not reply nor try to give you the item even after 1 day(his deadline) even though you msg him, then my PERSONAL advise is to cancel order. Include that seller completely ignore u despite deadline too in ticket u sent to support if u need.

After pending to waiting for delivery, he will receive notification about the item sold so no reason for him to not reply for over his projected deadline.

My advise is buy from those people with AUTO delivery. (High ratings is advised as well). You get the code asap once ur pending turns into waiting for delivery/or if no pending u’ll receive it asap. Best choice if ur buying codes. There is no point of seller not having auto delivery when it is a code. Doesn’t make sense of normal delovery when codes can be auto sent upon purchase.

Any questions about ur purchase, u will need to reply to ur ticket or tag a Mod here (example is darkknight who replied first) about what u need . Because I won’t and can’t know and see the exact details as I’m just a normal seller/buyer.

Oh okay, thank you for the info and the reply. Appreciate it