Seller of item I boughts account says no longer available.

I bought a PUBG PGI Team Hoodie Crate from a user with a lot of positive feedback, and after not recieving the code for 24 hours I wanted to message him to see what was the hold up but when I clicked his profile it says “User not found or is no longer available.” Also there is no button to dispute under the my purchases tab after clicking the item, is because he hasn’t yet delivered the code? I submitted a ticket to support but I am worried about the 72 hour rule and not being able to dispute with no button available and support taking 2 business days or so to get back to me. Can someone look into this?

Order ID: a489061e-6af4-4800-8337-72d1d13148f2

Invite Code: E1REXQ


After further checking I was able to cancel the transaction and answer your ticket.