On the solution of dispute

I sold PUBG Allstar skin code.
This code was certainly not used.
Suddenly, the buyer asked me how to use the code and when I told him how to use it,
he asked me to use TEAM VIEWER to enter the code instead.
So I used Team Viewer to enter the code instead of the opponent and it was already used.

But, when I saw the buyer’s character with TEAM VIEWER, he already had a lot of skin.
He can never know how to use code. So I suspect the buyer. They used code for other characters.
Because this code was 100% unused.

Once he got into a dispute, I’ve been inquiring into PUBG.
Does PUBG tell you the usage time and country of code?
If PUBG doesn’t let me know, how can I fix this dispute?

Order ID : 6e88249c-2b74-48e5-94f5-64eb91402e7d

The dispute was settled well.

It is said that the buyer received skin care belatedly due to the error of PUBG.

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