Scammed By Buyer

Recently I Put My Apex Orange Up For $40.00, And Got A Buyer About 5 Minutes Later.
So I Added His Steam And I Gave Him The Apex Orange.
Right After I Gave Him His Item, He Kicked Me From Party And Blocked Me On Steam
I Thought “Okay”
So I Went To My Wallet, But There Was No Pending Orders
I Looked Around Gameflip For A “Report” Button. I Didn’t Find One
Thats Why Im Here, I Need Some Help, Can Anyone Help Me Get My Money OR The Item Back?
The Scammer’s Link Is:
If You Can Help, Add My Profile, Please:
Thanks For The Help,
Kind Regards, TeCHno

Sorry I Put This In The Trading Area


Did you report this to the support? If so, can you please send me via PM the request number so I can check it for you?