I got scammed by a fake GameFlip notification

http://steamcommunity.com/id/IkeBlyat/ this is the scamer , he says that he bought from me my Pianted racos and my keys , i give him the items and tehn he runs away … can someone help me

Similar Thing Happened To Me, Bro ;-;
I Got A Fake Gameflip Comment, Ive Only Just Realised Its Fake :frowning:
Good Luck To You, I Had The Same Thing But The Guy Blocked Me And Changed Name… There Went My Orange Apex And Scammed $40 :frowning:

Report through Ticket.

So I’ve just received a comment on an item that had the username ‘GF Notification’, it said i have sold the item and I’m required to post within the next 1 day. However the item has not gone into my sold items. Is this an attempted scam as well?

Yes it is dont send bro